"I've worked with Pink Floyd since Pompei 1971 and ‘Floyd Live’ is the closest thing you'll ever hear" ~ Carlo Basile / EMI Records / PINK FLOYD

'Definitive Pink Floyd'

100% AUTHENTIC / 100% LIVE


Described as “Incredible” on the nationally syndicated Alan Cox Show (iHeart Radio). Floyd Live pays homage to the legacy of the rock band  Pink Floyd and their iconic music.

 Since 2014, ‘Floyd Live’ has been entertaining audiences worldwide.

With this endeavor ‘Floyd Live’ has earned the accolades and endorsements of several industry professionals such as Carlo Basile of EMI records / Pink Floyd.  

In addition to the exceptional musical performance, ‘Floyd Live’ incorporates stunning laser and visual effects, captivating stage setups and immersive lighting displays reminiscent of Pink Floyd's  live concerts. 

This all star cast consists of eight musicians that are all multi-instrumentalists and vocalists highly regarded in the entertainment industry and by their peers.

It is with great honor and privilege that we introduce you to the legendary world of 


~ Est. 1992 / 2014 ~

OFFICIAL ENDORSMENTS: Carlo Basile of Pink Floyd / EMI records / Craig Reed of Lynyrd Skynyrd / MCA records 

Floyd Live's version of 'Learning to Fly' hits over 30 thousand plays in it's first week.

1 million reached in 1 week and counting. 

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